Liberty Savage

B. Childress
Nov 16, 2007

"And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever
thou shalt
bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt
loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."  Matthew 16:19

The basic teaching on binding and loosing depending upon the church or denomination, generally illustrates the
binding of the devil or evil spirits and the loosing of the Holy Spirit or ministering spirits to go and help a troubled
person or to work in a troubled situation.  

In actuality, there is no scriptural record of Jesus ever binding an evil spirit or demon.  He either rebuked them or told
them to get out.  Binding an evil spirit may restrain that spirit's power, but Jesus knew this was not a resolution of the
root of the problem.  That would require a different approach.  Jesus was more interested in driving evil spirits away.  
He knew there was a far more beneficial use of binding and loosing.

To bind:  The Greek word for "bind", deo, means to bind, be in bonds, knit, fasten, tie, and wind.  This word is
related to deomai, meaning to petition, beseech, make request, pray.  To bind also means to obligate yourself to
someone.  The word "bind, " in its various tenses is more complex and meaningful than generally thought.  

To loose:  The Greek word for "loose," luo, means to loosen, break up, destroy, dissolve, unloose, melt, and put
off.  Luo is closely related to rhegnumi and agnumi, which means to break, wreck, crack to sunder by separation of it's
parts, shatter to minute fragments, disrupt, lacerate, convulse, burst, rend, and tear.

What can we bind for ourselves and others.....

  •  Our wills to God's will and purposes

  •  Our thoughts to God's will

  •  Our lives to God's will

  •  The work of our hands to God's will

  •  Ourselves to the truth of God's Word

  •  Ourselves to a conscious awareness of the blood of Jesus and it's healing  power, it's protection, it's covering,
    and it's cleansing power

  •  Our minds to the mind of Christ

  •  Ourselves to the work of the Cross

  •  Your body (every cell of your body)  to the will of God (for healing)/ to the truth of His word

  •  Your emotions to the Holy Spirit's balance and healing

  •  Your finances to the truth of God's Word the Name of Jesus

What can we Loose for ourselves and others...

  •  Soulish agendas

  •  The works of Satan, his demons, and his influences

  •  (Inner) Strongholds, generational bondages

  •  Wrong agreements

  •  Wrong beliefs

  •  Wrong ideas

  •  Wrong attitudes

  •  Wrong patterns of thinking

  •  Wrong behaviors and habits

  •  Deception associated with memories

  •  Negative patterns of thinking

  •  Negative influences of the world

..............In the Name of Jesus

To be continued....


Shattering Your Strongholds, by Liberty Savard, Copyright 1992 Bridge-Logos.